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What to bring back from Paris?


 What to bring back from Paris?

Returning home from any trip, we bring back not only memories and photos, but also nice souvenirs that we want to give to family and friends. What is worth buying in Paris to give your loved ones a piece of the spirit of France, a piece of the Parisian atmosphere?

So, the win-win gift, in our opinion, will be a bottle of good French wine. Alcohol is relatively inexpensive and of high quality - for 15-20 euros you can get a great drink with a unique bouquet. You can also choose to please your loved ones with a French cognac or Calvados - a drink that was often consumed by the heroes of Remarque's novels. 

The second option for a gift is, of course, perfume or toilet water. After all, France is certainly considered the perfume capital! 

French cheese is another brand, but try to choose a variant without a strong odor, and well pack it in your luggage (it is strictly prohibited to carry cheese in hand luggage).

Also nice souvenirs would be a scarf, a hat or a box of chocolates.

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