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What does Paris smell like?


 What does Paris smell like?

Have you ever wondered what Paris smells like? Today we are going to share with you our observations and impressions of the aromas in the air of the French capital.

Roasted chestnuts

The specific aroma of roasted chestnuts with smoke is one of the hallmarks of Paris. On almost every major street or square in the city you can find vendors cooking the popular street delicacy on grills or in cauldrons. The French chew roasted chestnuts with the same pleasure as we do seeds, and even add the fruit to baked goods, candies and cakes.


According to research, the aroma of freshly baked bread is one of the most pleasant to the human sense of smell. So it's no wonder that bakeries are so popular in France. Every morning the streets of Paris begin to smell of baguettes, croissants and other traditional pastries that are so hard to pass by.

French cheeses

Fromagerie is a traditional French cheese shop selling world famous Camembert, Emmental, Roquefort, Reblochon and dozens of other varieties. These stores are located everywhere, so you can always smell the pleasant subtle aroma of cheese on the streets.


Paris is traditionally considered the capital of perfumery, so the scent of perfume can be felt on every corner. Most people associate French perfume with brands such as Chanel, Lalique, Guerlain or Sisley. In fact, many Parisians prefer another giant of the industry - perfume house Fragonard. Their creations are smelled both by the brand's numerous boutiques and by ordinary passers-by.

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