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Public transport in Paris


 Public transport in Paris

Public transport in Paris is a developed system of surface and underground urban communication that covers almost every corner of the multi-million city. And although sometimes this system seems complex and confusing, once you understand it, you will appreciate the convenience of use and speed of movement.

Public transport in Paris includes the subway, streetcars, buses, electric trains, waterways, and sightseeing tours. In Montmartre there is a funicular, which is also part of the public transport system, although, to be honest, it is more of an entertainment rather than a full-fledged means of getting from point A to point B.

You can also rent a bicycle. Today the bicycle is a very popular mode of transport throughout Europe, it helps to avoid traffic jams and does not harm the environment.

The state-owned RATP is responsible for most of the tickets in Paris. The autonomous transport operator of Paris serves the subway, 8 streetcar lines, part of the RER lines and buses. Any type of tickets can be purchased at newsstands, tobacconists, subway stations, train stations and airports through ticket booths, information desks or special ticket machines. For passenger convenience, the mobile application of the official RATP carrier for iOS and Android is available.

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