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Paris nightlife with escort


 Paris nightlife with escort

All lovers of nightlife know that Paris is a mecca for party-goers, a city where fans of noisy parties, delicious cocktails and pleasant acquaintances flock to. Today we will tell you about the best nightclubs where world-famous DJs play and champagne flows like a river.

Rex Club

A legendary place that has maintained its reputation as one of the best techno dance floors for 20 years. Amazing music always plays here, not only from world celebrities, but also from young talents. The institution is democratic, therefore it is very popular. Come early, otherwise you risk getting stuck in line. Everyone wants to at Rex Club!


The club is located on an old barge moored at the National Library. Here you get not only quality electro-pop, techno and experimental funk, but also stunning views of the Seine. A night on board can be the best experience in Paris, escort in the form of our beautiful models will enhance this unforgettable experience.


This club is notable primarily for its location - it is located right under the bridge of Alexander III. Here you will find a disco with music from the 90s. And also a wonderful covered terrace where you can smoke a cigarette or have a snack between incendiary dances.


Have you watched Mulholland Drive? Remember the weird Silencio Theater that the main characters go to? So, eccentric David Lynch brought cinematic reality to a Parisian nightclub. There is strict face control, and only selected guests get into the establishment until midnight! But if you manage to get through, you won't be disappointed! Silencio has mysterious labyrinths of rooms and many famous people of France. Escort our girls is guaranteed to increase your chances of entering.


Opened in 2011 on the banks of the Seine, the club shocked the discerning party-goers with its Saturday parties. Today the sound quality is so high that it seems that you are not in Paris, but somewhere in New York or London. If you love catchy dancing until dawn, then Concrete is definitely for you.

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