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Odds and superstitions that the French believe in


 Odds and superstitions that the French believe in

Every country has its own omens and superstitions, which are followed consciously or unconsciously by the majority of the population. In this post we will tell you about what French people believe in. 

Baguette. The French believe that the baguette must necessarily lie fluted side down, otherwise expect trouble. This seemingly amusing tradition is rooted in history. In the Middle Ages, executioners were a separate caste, and many aspects of their lives were not the same as those of ordinary people. The same applied to food - bread for executioners was put separately. In order not to inadvertently eat the executioner's bread and not to become his victim, the bread was turned upside down. 

Avoid ladders against the wall. As well as anything that forms a similar triangle shape. It is believed that otherwise misfortune will not keep you waiting. Why - it is unlikely that you will be explained clearly, but will mutter something about the dogma of the Trinity.

We are accustomed to set a wet umbrella to dry somewhere in the middle of the room, where there is enough free space. For the French, however, such a thing is unacceptable, otherwise bad luck will befall them. Most likely, such superstition had a real basis, because the very first folding umbrellas were quite willful, folding when desired, and traumatizing others. Time has passed and umbrellas are no longer so capricious, but the traditions of the French are very tenacious. What to do? Use a special basket for drying umbrellas.

If you are celebrating something or simply enjoying a drink in society, when tapping, be sure to look into the eyes of the person with whom you are doing it. Modern French people say with a chuckle that if this is neglected, there will be no sexual relations for seven years. However, humor loving flirtatious French probably invented this explanation for fun for the sake of fun. But the prerequisites may lie in history: the fact is that in the Middle Ages to look into the eyes was necessary to make sure that the person looking at him did not slip him poison. In those times, as you know, poisoning was practically a daily occurrence. However, masters of their craft could put a lethal drug in wine and look at the victim with the most honest eyes in the world.

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