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French National Holidays


 French National Holidays

Today we want to tell you about the holidays that the French celebrate. These holidays and the traditions associated with them are varied and remarkable, so you will probably be interested to read this post. 

So, there are 11 officially celebrated holidays, including the usual New Year, Labor Day on May 1, and Victory Day, celebrated on May 8. It also includes holidays that have a religious basis: Catholic Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Christmas. November 1 is All Saints' Day, on which people visit the graves of deceased relatives. November 11 is Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World War I. On this day, wreaths are laid and military parades are held. And, of course, the Day of the seizure of the Bastille (July 14) is a major holiday with concert programs, military parades and magnificent fireworks. 

Also in France there are unofficial holidays, which are loved by the population of the country. The most popular of them are the following: Beaujolais Nouveau Young Wine Festival, on the occasion of which there are mass festivities with tasting, Music Festival on June 21, with free concerts for all comers, Halloween and Neighborhood Day, when you can get to know better those who live nearby. 

In future publications, we'll talk more about some of the holidays we find most interesting.

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