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France and the French: What surprises foreigners?


 France and the French: What surprises foreigners?

Many foreigners who come to study or work in France encounter everyday nuances that surprise, anger, or delight them. Today we will talk about such nuances in more detail. 

So, the first thing that strikes emigrants and visitors is the incredible level of bureaucracy. Everything is done long and through the mail. So, for example, to open a bank account, you need to make an appointment with an employee of the bank, tell him all about your life, provide a rental agreement, all the data of the person who rents housing, including the phone number, and then sign a bunch of papers and wait until the contract itself, the checkbook and the password from the card will send a paper letter to the address of residence. And if they require any additional information, they will also notify you by mail! 

The second is the value of the property. Real estate, for example, in Paris is one of the most expensive in the world! 

The third is communication. There is a perception that the French - are closed snobs, but in fact, all quite different. In Paris, it is customary to greet those with whom you cross during the day, whether it's the bus driver or the cashier in a coffee shop. People often smile at each other and exchange news of their lives. This is often lacking in other countries. 

Well and the last nuance for today, which we would like to tell you about, is the mode of operation of the stores. So, on a weekday supermarkets close at 20:00, on Saturday around 18:00, and on Sunday at best at 14:00. So plan your shopping and stock up on groceries in advance.

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