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Famous French cabarets: part 1, Crazy Horse


 Famous French cabarets: part 1, Crazy Horse

Paris produces frank yet highly artistic shows. Moulin Rouge, Lido, Crazy Horse... Travelers who go to the French capital for erotic therapy often favor the latter and today we'll tell you why. 

The now deceased Alain Bernardin, the creator of the famous cabaret, in his institution sought to glorify female beauty, to create a magical action. And today his heirs continue to follow the established traditions. 

The peculiarity of the productions is that the girls are mostly dressed in light rather than in clothes. Sometimes from the clothes on the dancers only stockings and a wig, and the rest is a play of light and shadow. To realize this concept, the cabaret has 7 tons of technical and stage equipment at its disposal. 

There are also enough expenses for shoes and cosmetics. In a year each dancer manages to wear out six pairs of shoes from Christian Louboutin. In addition, the cabaret uses 500 liters of cosmetics for the body, 300 tubes of lipstick, 800 pairs of artificial eyelashes and more than 2.5 thousand pairs of stockings. 

On stage, the girls create a sensual extravaganza, a mystical illusion of perfection. The perfection of the picture is also achieved due to the incredible resemblance of the dancers. All girls are strictly selected: they must not only be the same height and weight, but also correspond to some other parameters. So, for example, the distance between the nipples should be 27 cm, and the distance from the navel to the pubis 13. Well, and of course, each must have a great choreographic education. 

To plunge into the sensual atmosphere of beauty and femininity, we suggest you visit the cabaret yourself. And escorting our girls will be a wonderful addition to this kind of leisure.

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